The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Set People Free


For those seeking freedom from the mind and all its thoughts.

It might seem as if the mind is always thinking and you can't seem to escape the thoughts. Or, perhaps there are feelings that you can't quite seem to navigate.  You might find that you feel lonely and yet nothing seems to fill that void.  Maybe you have tried everything and you still can't figure out why you are unhappy.  There are so many things we struggle with in life and yet school, our parents or society never taught us how to navigate these deeper aspects of life. 


Counseling for clients seeking freedom from suffering

Specializing in the treatment of those seeking the deeper meaning in life, who have  felt lost, lonely and unhappy. These are people who have struggled to find happiness and meaning for most of their life and have tried many things to find fullfillment.




Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Karen Will, LPC


Sessions by phone or Skype

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